Familia Giulia 6.8: Los Alfa Romeo MONTREAL (1967-1977)

Doctor Hackenbush

"No te tomes tan en serio. Nadie más lo hace"

Alfa Romeo Montreal Gr. 4 FIA Autodelta

[size=14pt]FIA Alfa Romeo Montreal Gr. 4 Autodelta Tipo33 Engine

The one and only fast Alfa-romeo-montreal Gr.4 worldwide with FIA HTP and Tipo 33 /3 V8 engine!

Eye catcher #1 in the paddock and on track!

Engine Autodelta Tipo 33, V8,3 Liter, 320 HP, 306 Nm, NEW 1000 Kilometer, 2 Valve, single plan (180°) cranckshaft, original magnesium slide trottle from Tipo 33/2, original Autodelta flywheel light, drysump,...

"Isert Racing" brought the engine 1979 to Germany.

ZF Gearbox NEW 300 Kilometer, warranty ZF 04/2016, Ratio 2:44 - 1:80 - 1:39 - 1:18 - 1:00

Clutch APRacing 184mm, 2 disc sinter, rearaxle NEW Ratio 10:41, 60% limited Slip Differential

Steering box CAD aircraft aluminium NEW

BBS 11x15 + BBS 12x15 AVON Slicks 300 Kilometer + 4 x BBS AVON Rain NEW

Suspension INTRAX 1K2 with ARC (anti roll controll), setup driven by Donald Molenaar, 2:00 Zandvoort April 2014

Lightweight (Airbus) wiring loom, Bodywork original Autodelta, Weight 1010 Kilogramm

Eligible for every historic race around the world, CER, Tour Auto, Oldtimer Grand Prix, Masters, DRM Revival,...

Very quick, easy and huge fun to drive, good balanced, in the right hands will beat 3.0 Liter GT'S ( Porsche, BMW,...) until 1971!

FIA HTP, Homologation Group 2 + 4 from 1971

100% on the button, ready to race and solid investment. [/size]




Support on racetrack is possible.

Many parts included.

Ask for more information.

Salud 8)


Oráculo Alfista

No te imaginas cómo me han atraído desde niño esos volantes de madera como el que asoma en ese precioso Montreal:p